So It Begins


Not that I expect the next step of my life to include battling overwhelming forces and fighting for dear life whilst the dark sky pours down rain, but it may be something of a battle, if mostly against myself and my own habits. I also intend to be my own Éomer/Erkenbrand, saving the day with dedication, force of will, and inspired ideas. But let’s not take the analogy too far.

Anyway, let’s back up a step. What exactly is beginning, you ask? My life as a more-than-just-on-the-side writer. Many of you know that I have long desired to be a published novelist. But being a (perhaps too) practical person and knowing that the publishing world is hard to break into, I decided to work on my writing on the side. My full time job would support me financially until my writing could.

But on top of a full time job, there’s also sleeping, eating, a social life, taxes, laundry, and all manner of internet distractions, just to name a few of the things that took up my time and are not writing. I finally decided that if I wanted my writing to go anywhere, I would have to make some drastic changes.

So I quit my job.

Yup. I did. And yes, there was a great deal more thought and preparation that went into that decision than what I’m detailing here. But the gist of it is, if I want to do this thing, which I do, then I have to devote lots of time and energy to it. Time and energy that I didn’t have. But now I do.

So I’m going to give writing a shot for a while. Hopefully a good long while. I’m doing some freelance development work to keep me afloat (, if you’re curious), but now that’s the stuff on the side.

That’s nice, you say, but why are you starting a blog? Quite honestly, because I’m bad at self motivation. I’m not sure what form this blog will end up taking. I might post bits of my novel. I might post other random writing that I do when I need a break from my novel. Or I might write about what I’m learning about myself and my writing. What I know for sure is that I will be using this blog for accountability. I intend to find a word count widget (or make one from scratch, as it turns out) and stick it somewhere prominent. My goal will be ten thousand words a week (eventually…I have to build up to that), and I’m going to make myself update that widget every time I write.

There are still a few logistics to figure out, but I need to stop with the planning and start with the writing. I welcome questions, encouragement, and swift kicks in the pants. If you see that I’m at 30% on a Thursday, feel free to text me with angry emojis. Please hold me accountable! I really want to succeed. And if there is anything you want me to hold you accountable on, I would be glad to reciprocate.

Deep breath.

So it begins.

6 thoughts on “So It Begins

  1. Hey Kelly, as you know well, when God gives a person a specific passion, He will do it through you. As in 1 Thessalonians 5:24- The One who calls you is faithful & He will do it.” Also, 1 Corinthians 1:8a,9 says He will keep you strong to the end for He who has called you into fellowship with His Son is faithful. Love you, Aunt Colleen


  2. You have Steve’s and my full support, Kelly! You are very dear to us and wish all the best for you


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